Siobhán is an amazing teacher, she knows exactly how to guide you and is very reassuring. I never sang before and thought I was a lost cause until I knocked on Siobhán’s door and realized that I could actually sing! She is very professional, kind, funny and she makes you believe in your singing abilities. I have been making progress since day one. Lessons with Siobhán are an absolute delight! ~ Diane, 32

I have been singing for many years, and in a few lessons with Siobhán I learned many new things, exercises and observation of some old habits I have. I live in another country and came to see Siobhán for five lessons and it was great. She gave me a lot of motivation and now I know what I can do to improve. I appreciate the way Siobhán explains everything (often in fun ways, with comparisons when necessary) until you really get to understand. Many thanks! ~ Maro, 41

I love to sing but I am not a professional singer. With Siobhán I found a teacher that, even if I do not have to prepare for a performance, is detailed and constructive and really cares about my progress. This dedication is something not so common to find. I always enjoyed the lessons so much and you feel really comfortable with her, since she is always naturally positive and smiley. For the first time I really experienced to sing without forcing my throat, without any pain, really feeling my voice free. I feel that even my English pronunciation improved thanks to the lessons I had. If you are searching for a good teacher you just found one! ~ Novella, 30

Siobhán has been very constructive yet fun to be with. As a person who couldn’t even sing properly at first, it is amazing how much I improved in very little time! ~ Maxim, 20

Siobhan is a great teacher and a very kind and nice person. I live in St. Petersburg, Russia, and have worked with Siobhan in Vienna during two visits there. After both trips I have felt major improvement, especially in my breathing technique and in my lower notes. She explained things, that were difficult for me to understand before, in a very accessible and fun way so that I managed to easily fix some mistakes that didn’t allow me to improve for months. Definitely, the next time I visit Vienna, I will come back for more lessons! Thank you very much! ~ Alexandra, 21

The lessons with Siobhán are great! She gives me the right amount of input at the right time in a very sympathetic and fun way. Together with her I have discovered what my voice is capable of. ~ Florian, 31

Being a beginner, it´s amazing to me how fast Siobhán makes me able to use my voice in new, different ways. We have lots of fun during the lessons and she is a brilliant teacher with lots of empathy and composure. I look forward to my lesson with Siobhán all week. ~ Barbara, 39

Siobhán is an excellent teacher, who knew specifically how to help me with my vocal and language challenges. In particular we worked on my Italian pronunciation, as it needed a lot of brushing up. With Siobhán’s assistance I was able to confidently perform and sing in an Italian opera. Siobhán is really encouraging and I know that she is able to help me with many different aspects of singing and performing. Thank you, Siobhán! ~ Emily, 30

I am learning so much more about singing technique from Siobhán, and discovering a new kind of freedom in my voice. ~ Peter, 58

My weekly singing lesson with Siobhán is definitely the highlight of my week. I can feel her passion for singing and for teaching. I am amazed at how quickly her tips improve my singing. She always has new ideas and is always motivated. Siobhán is the perfect singing teacher and I am glad I found her. ~ Bianca, 18

I cannot express how thankful I am that I was introduced to Siobhán. Rarely does one find a vocal mentor that is so well versed in their craft, and in addition, has a true gift for teaching. Siobhán has extensive knowledge of the physics and physiology of the voice, as well as the history and languages of music – and I feel so blessed to be able to take advantage of all that she has accomplished. I am also grateful for her ability to give critical feedback. From the first lesson she has been able to quickly identify the strengths and weaknesses in my voice, and by giving specific advice on technique during the lesson as well as providing strengthening exercises for the week, I feel like I’ve already been able to make so many positive changes. I look forward to my lessons and I’m so excited to see how far I’ll be able to go. ~ Rosalie, 30

Siobhán is a fantastic teacher. In just a few short weeks with her I’ve been able to do more with my voice than I have in years. She guides you gently towards better singing without overloading you with information; and the effect is a natural adjustment of the voice, rather than a strain. My lesson with Siobhán is one of the highlights of my week. ~ Freya, 19

I am new to singing and I am really surprised with how quickly my voice is improving under Siobhán’s coaching. Siobhán is a great teacher and her many years of singing experience shine through. She not only teaches me how to be a better singer, but also how to protect my voice. ~ Samantha, 37

Siobhán is a wonderful teacher. I love the way she teaches and I’ve learned a lot from her these last few months. Thank you! ~ Cynthia, 23

Siobhán has an encyclopaedia of vocal techniques to teach and is able to pick up on particular weaknesses and has creative ways to train it up. She is an enthusiastic and passionate teacher regardless how much of a beginner you are. ~ Elsie, 28

Siobhán is a warm, easygoing teacher with a great sense of humour and endless patience. My first lesson was an absolute delight. I can’t believe how much she taught me in just one lesson and the difference in my voice now that I am applying those techniques.~ Anne, 36