Vienna Singing Teacher

***  Vienna Singing Teacher is currently not taking on students.  ***

*** Teacher not in Europe. If this changes, the website will be updated to reflect this. Thank you for your interest.  ***

Learn to sing from a qualified, friendly voice teacher with a wealth of stage experience.

Singing is a joyful activity and helps us to release stress. It boosts our energy levels and is a great workout for the whole body.

Always wanted to try singing lessons, but never taken the first step?

Singing already and want to improve your skills?

Find out how to release tension and use your body in a dynamic way to support your voice with your breath and improve your vocal range, power and agility without strain.

Contact Siobhán to arrange a first lesson. Gesangsstunden sind möglich auf Deutsch oder Englisch.

Siobhán has a thorough background in bel canto singing technique and extensive experience as a singer and instrumentalist across a range of styles and languages.

Siobhán’s students sing pop, R&B, jazz, rock, music theatre, classical and folk music and she believes in healthy vocal technique, no matter the genre.

Siobhán loves to work with students to help them expand their vocal capabilities and to become more confident, as performers and individuals. She has helped students successfully audition for university music courses and the Vienna English Theatre Academy (VETA), to hone their technique for music industry recordings, and to learn to sing after years of being told they are tone deaf (!) by their family and friends. If you have an absolute love of music and singing, but think you “cannot” sing, please get in touch. This is absolutely not true!

Siobhán also works with actors preparing for auditions (monologues and songs) and with non-singers to help them improve the use of their speaking voice and to learn healthy vocal production.

Daytime, evening and weekend lessons available. Bright, spacious studio in Ober St Veit. Beginners welcome. Click here to send a message.

Bird's eye view - 15 September 2018